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Complete line of potato products: Potato Pearls, Hash Browns, and scalloped potato casseroles. Try our patented no mix Excel Mashed potatoes. Easy-to-prepare for your convenient solutions for daily uses. We also have a complete chili mix, just add water and bring to a boil! Our Golden Grill Russet Hash browns and our Nature’s Own Mashed potatoes are both approved with the “Seal of approval from the American Culinary Federation!”

Simply the best breakfast pork sausages and patties on the market! Since 1889, we only use hand-selected, chilled cuts of meat to make our sausages, old fashion natural juice hams, and our premium old fashion bacon. All natural and certified gluten free.

The industry leader in domestic olives, imported olives and specialty products such as California Ripes, Stuffed Queens, Manzanilla, Kalamatas, Sicilians, and Spanish olives.

We are an agricultural cooperative with over 160 family-farms in Central and Northern California. Specializing in canning fresh fruits and tomatoes within hours of being harvested. We also have a full offering of maraschino and Bordeaux cherries.

Producers Rice Mill produces a multitude of rice products such as our premium Parboiled Rice, Season Rice Mixes, Regular Milled Rice, Jasmine, Wild rice, Basmati, and Arborio. Try our latest Par Boiled Whole Grain Brown Rice!

Leader in the industry with a complete line of premium oils, pan release sprays, and baking shortenings. With our brands of Frymax, Mazola, Whirl, Prep, Sterling, and Sweetex.

Admiration Brand - Portion Control Cup Dressings Now Available."

Serving today's most popular Asian Chicken entrees. Made with 100% cooked whole muscle dark meat and packed with their sauces for quick and easy prep. No msg, lard, artificial flavors, and zero trans fats.

A true premium BBQ sauce, but not priced as one!
Specially formulated to stick to meat
High flash point prevents burned product and reduces waste
No artificial additives, gums, or binders that leave a bad aftertaste
Versatile sauce without the heavy smoke flavor